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AEMS and GBS 2024 kicked off with a special cause for celebration!

The summer universities kicked off with the Grand Opening Event on the topic of "Building (for) the future" on 15 July at TU University Vienna, with a special cause for celebration:

The welcoming words of the event also included a special announcement, as 2024 marks not only the 25th anniversary in terms of AEMS and GBS classes since their beginning in 2014 and 2011 - the two programs have also been proud to welcome their 1.000th participant this summer!

The celebratory opening and welcoming words were held by Peter Ertl (TU Vienna), Sabine Kamill (Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology), Günther Jedliczka (OeAD student housing), Carina Kamptner (AEMS Summer University) and Barbara Mayr (GBS Summer University).

Afterwards, the lectures addressing the main topic of the evening were held by Keywan Riahi (IIASA), Doris Österreicher (University of Stuttgart) and Anika Dafert (Fridays for Future Austria). They were also part of the concluding panel discussion, which opened the floor to questions from the audiences, in-person as as well as online. During the event, it was also possible for our sponsors to meet the recipients of their respective scholarships!

The event welcomed around 230 visitors and more than 70 online-viewers. It has also been recorded and is available to watch on demand on Youtube.

With that, we are excited about the successful start of this year's summer universities and are looking forward to the coming week!

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