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We live green – for more than 20 years

OeAD student housing are regarded as pioneers in the construction of passive house design student residences, and contributes significantly to growing awareness of sustainability by accommodating students in passive houses.
New student residences will be built to at least a passive house standard, therefore we will be able to drastically reduce our ecological footprint going forward.

The passive house initiative began in 2005, when the world’s first student residence designed in line with passive housing standards was constructed in Vienna.
The OeAD-Guesthouse Molkereistrasse has accommodated around 280 international and national students every semester since its opening.

Not only is green our favorite color, it describes our whole ethos.

We live ecologically

By using optimal thermal insulation and electrical appliances of the lowest energy quality class available on the market, our OeAD-Guesthouses provide high living comfort with minimal energy consumption. A controlled ventilation system not only ensures a comfortable climate, but also completely eliminates the possibility of mold growth.
Allergy sufferers also feel particularly well in a passive house, as the pollen load is minimal.
Apart from the low level of energy required, some of our properties are equipped with solar panels and/or photovoltaic systems to cover a proportion of their own electricity or heat requirements.

Due to the latest technology, photovoltaic systems are extremely durable, have a high degree of efficiency and produce "clean electricity".
This means that neither CO2 is emitted during production nor a single gram of fine dust is produced.
Furthermore, the installation of the photovoltaic system represents an essential step towards energy self-sufficiency.
In times of resource scarcity, this aspect will probably gain enormously in importance.
Especially in inner-city areas, where there is already an increased noise level, it should be mentioned that a photovoltaic system is a silent form of energy generation.

We live sustainably

Our OeAD-Guesthouse GreenHouse is designed as a passive house and was the first student residence worldwide to be awarded the
"Passive House Plus" certificate by the Passive House Institute Darmstadt. In order to achieve this goal we installed a highly efficient, demand-controlled ventilation system with heat recovery capabilities. The insulation layer of the building was also optimized, designed in a way that allowed the residence to be as airtight and free of thermal bridges as possible.
The energy consumption in student residences is higher than in traditional residential buildings because each apartment is equipped with its own kitchens. This creates a requirement for optimization, or reduction, of all power-consuming components and the avoidance of standby functions in the building.

The photovoltaic system is as large as the roof space allows and generates as high a proportion of energy as possible for personal consumption.

In the OeAD-Guesthouse mineroom we offer you charging stations for electric cars and e-bikes. You can also borrow a bike at any time.

We live responsibly

In both our OeAD-Guesthouses and offices, we save water, ensure waste separation, use printers and copiers ecologically and use energy-saving devices.

By accommodating international guests in our OeAD-Guesthouses, we can create awareness and expand knowledge among our students and thus significantly increase their willingness to live and operate in ecologically constructed buildings.

We think about the future

Our goal when building new OeAD-Guesthouses in the future is to achieve zero-energy or energy-plus constructions.
We want to pass on the spirit of ecological and sustainable energy production and inspire you to engage with many other projects and initiatives just like our own.

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