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Green.Building.Solutions. Summer University

The 11th Green.Building.Solutions. Summer University will take place online again from July 16, 2022 - August 7, 2022.

Due to the great success of the digital experience in 2020's GBS and the new possibilities arising from it, the summer university will have an online-run additionally to the physical format taking place in Vienna.
Especially during these challenging times, we have remained strongly committed to bringing world class knowledge on sustainable buildings, passive houses and renewable energies to an ever expanding international audience of students and professionals - even under changed circumstances. Thus, for this year's edition, the GBS was completely adapted and re-organized to an online-format!

What is GBS about?

In a three weeks university program it offers first-hand sustainable architecture knowledge and engineering expertise based in the world’s most liveable city: Vienna. This UNESCO-awarded program addresses a broad range of professions such as architecture, planning, engineering, economics,facility management and project development. It showcases the Austrian in-depth expertise in ecological construction and urban planning to a constantly growing international audience.

The target group comprises students and professionals from the areas of architecture, construction engineering, and other topic-related areas. Given the title Green.Building.Solutions., the course takes up central ecological, economical, technological as well as social aspects of sustainable and energy-efficient planning, building and living and thus offers the participants the unique opportunity to analyze and acquire first-hand experience with subject-specific topics from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Since the first GBS Summer University in 2011 a total of 348 participants from all over the world have taken part in this program. They all successfully completed the course and received an official certificate from BOKU University with 7 ECTS points as well as a graduation certificate.

You can find more information about the GBS Summer University here: information and application
You can download the GBS Summer University Flyer here: GBS Summer University


Alternative Monetary and Economics Systems Summer University

The 8th Alternative and Economic Monetary Systems Summer University will take place online again from July 18, 2022 - August 5, 2022.

Due to the great success of the digital experience in 2020's AEMS and the new possibilities arising from it, the summer school will have an online-run additionally to the physical format taking place in Vienna
Exploring different approaches and new ideas is especially important during these globally challenging times – even more so with regards to the current growth-based economy and unstable financial system.  Therefore, we knew the AEMS had to be taking place, even under changed circumstances: completely adapted and re-organized, the program explored many concepts that have already been implemented at a global scale!

What is AEMS about?

The summer programm is a cooperation between OeAD student housing, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU) and the Economy for the Common Good.

The academic program is open for students of all fields of study as well as for professionals and offers a critical assessment of ideas and models for economic and financial reform, with special regard to current ecological and social developments and future leeway.
The question of alternative and innovative models of a sustainable finance or business system is the thematic starting point. The participants encounter new ideas and fresh approaches and deepen their knowledge in the course of discussion rounds with high-caliber experts from various fields.

This year, a special focus lied on the solutions for the financial crisis triggered by the Corona pandemic - thereby expanding the core theme of fighting climate change.
"Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems. The economy of the future” aims to offer solutions and provides the opportunity to link theoretical approaches to complex topics with subject-specific content from different scientific disciplines. the program helps students aquire a deeper understanding of the intricate interactions of "society" and "economy":
Alternative economic and monetary systems that are currently being developed in response to economic, financial, environmental and social crisis and show promising long-term perspectives for a partial or complete reorganization of global, regional and local economies.
Ecologic sustainability: The actual options regarding the long-term management of natural resources on the local, regional and global scale.
Business ethics, corporate social responsibility and consumerism, solidarity and the common good – what needs to change and how do we change it in order to reduce or reverse current problems of economy, society and environment.
The aim of the summer university will be to enable an intensive examination of different approaches.

2019 saw the 6th installment of the summer school with 36 participants from 17 different nations and 5 different time zones.

Since the program's implementation in 2014, more than 300 participants from 70 nations have successfully completed it, not only sharpening their understanding of systematic interrelationships regarding the economic, financial and climate systems, but also actively exploring alternative solutions.

You can find more information about the AEMS Summer University here: information and application
You can download the AEMS Summer University Flyer here: AEMS Summer University

Both summer universities offer SOCIAL MEDIA TUTOR SCHOLARSHIPS! Please find more information HERE.

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