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FeelSafe insurance


FeelSafe helps you to be safe for your time in Austria for any situation and at any time.

Household insurance:

Living a student life is a fun experience that sometimes leads to unexpected accidents and damages. It is highly recommended and very common in Austria to purchase a household insurance for your stay here as you are not automatically insured in your residence!

FeelSafe offers you the right product for a student’s needs at the most affordable price – just EUR 5.66 per month. This is a unique household insurance for students living in a shared flat or in student dormitories.

You have 2 main benefits:

  • All privately used possessions in the accommodation that are owned by you are insured (clothing, electrical appliances, electronic devices, furniture, etc.) up to EUR 20.000,00 with no deductible in cases of fire, storm, water leak, burglary/theft, glass breakage.
  • A “private third party liability insurance” (included at no additional cost).

The “private third person liability insurance” is what you really want to get as you need it often when you are having fun with your friends!

This insurance covers personal, property and material damage caused by you upon a third person.

For example:

  • At a birthday party, you spill a glass of orange juice on a friend’s laptop. -> The laptop no longer works, and your friend wants to be compensated. -> The liability insurance covers this compensation.
  • You are riding your bicycle and do not notice an older woman, causing her to fall down. -> You then must cover the resulting damages and must pay the claims of the woman. -> The liability insurance covers claims of this kind up to EUR 1.000.000,00

Health insurance:

The Austrian government requires you to be health insured when living in Austria at all times to get your visa and residence permit.

With FeelSafe you can fulfill these legal requirements in the quickest, easiest, most convenient and most affordable way.

FeelSafe is 100% accepted by the government for your stay in Austria. You can choose from the travel insurance for up to 180 days stay or the long-term insurance.

With the insurance you are fully privately insured - meaning you have access to all doctors (incl. private doctors) and some extra coverage. Also, you do not need any paperwork, you can buy it completely online in 5 mins, everything is in English (including the contract) and you can ask any specific questions you might have in their online chat.

Special status students, students 35+ years old and professors:

If you fall under any of these special circumstance academics, have a governmental scholarship or any of the other cases in which even the government cannot offer any solution – FeelSafe has created a product just for you. Now you can insure yourself through their customized and best priced product.

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