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About us

We live internationally

OeAD student housing is a non-profit student residence provider for international and national students, and offers accommodations for around 10,000 students annually throughout Austria.
You will live in an international environment – in the heart of Austria – and meet young people from all over the world.

Improve your language skills and make friends to last a lifetime.

We live green

Live smart – stay in a passive house!

We are regarded as pioneers in the construction of passive house design student residences. By accommodating students in passive houses; we contribute significantly to the broadening of awareness on the subject of sustainability. For you, this means always having a pleasant living climate, without having to pay particular attention to it.

We rely on the use of solar energy with the help of photovoltaic systems and use every ray of sunlight to generate electricity.

In both our OeAD-Guesthouses and our offices, we save water, ensure waste separation, use printers and copiers ecologically and use energy-saving devices.

We live together

Did you know? We are a subsidiary of the OEAD and co-operate closely with Austrian and international universities, universities of applied sciences, various research institutes and educational universities.

Due to our partnerships with other student accommodation providers, we can offer you a wide range of accommodation in Austria in addition to our own OeAD-Guesthouses.

We live all-inclusive

You pay an all-inclusive price and will not experience unwelcome surprises at the end of the month!
Electricity, water, heating, internet and running costs are already included in the accommodation fee.

Our residences are fully equipped!
Just bring your personal belongings and a few towels, everything else will be provided.

We offer a bi-weekly cleaning service so that you can fully concentrate on your studies.
You only have to do the dishes yourself and take out the garbage.

Our repair service is always at your disposal!
Need to change a lightbulb? No problem, our house technicians will take care of small repairs.

Choose your type of accommodation and your flexible length of stay.
You don't have to book a year with us, but can decide for yourself how long you would like to stay.

your privacy is important to us

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