The “Green.Building.Solutions.” Summer University (GBS, 7 ECTS) is specializing on first-hand ecological knowledge and engineering expertise. Future architects, planners and engineers deepen their knowledge in passive house planning, sustainable urban development, new energy technologies, innovative architecture and ecological design approaches together with local experts in workshops, excursions and lectures.

The contentof the program follows a holistic and modular approach. Based on its curriculum, it comprises three main topics:

  • Sustainability in Building and Urban Planning
  • Principles of Passive House planning
  • Renewable Energies and Business Concepts

The preliminary program for GBS 2024 is out now!

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Learning objectives

  • Understand the origin of resources and the respective use as well as the integration in buildings
  • Learn about the relationships between buildings and their context
  • Create an understanding for the necessity of interdisciplinary cooperation to realize green building strategies

Workload and timeline

Preparation work: Each student prepares an assignment before the program starts. This is handed out a month before the beginning of the program. This equals to 40 real hours (1.5 ECTS).

In Week 1, you learn about ongoing global challenges and the role of buildings within. You gain in-depth knowledge on how architecture becomes more sustainable - including topics such as green and regenerative building design, alternative strategies and the passive house standard.

Week 2 provides you with insights into material flows and circular economy in the building sector, ecological construction materials, reuse and energy concepts. In building modelling and simulation workshops you learn how to calculate energy use and demand with appropriate tools.

Week 3 is dedicated to a group design project: Students get to put theory into practice while dealing with a real-life object in the City of Vienna. This allows to immediately apply the relevant knowledge in a small interdisciplinary team of students - supervised by experts. The outcomes are presented along with a PowerPoint and a poster on the last day of GBS, which is followed by a public graduation ceremony inlcuding the handover of the certificates and final celebrations.

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