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Discount code electronic appliances

Forgot your charger?

Empty batteries?

Do you need batteries, a charger, an adapter, a memory card or small electrical appliances (for example electric toothbrush, headphones, camera, etc) during your stay?
We would like to recommend a partner store nearby!

Radio Krejcik is an electronics retailer with personal counseling in the 8th district close to the office of OeAD student housing.
There is a benefit for you shopping at this store!

We have a discount code for you! "OeAD-Housing"

A 5% instant discount for all products in stock in the showroom of Radio Krejcik at Alserstrasse 45-47, 1080 Vienna.

This discount code is valid for the whole product segment, however not valid for online-orders!


This is the way to Radio Krejcik

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