OeAD-Guesthouse mineroom

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Timber Frame Construction Prize 2017

Holzbaupreis Steiermark mineroom | Copyright HBP Stmk/G. Ott

We are extremely proud of the OeAD-Guesthouse mineroom in Leoben, which was awarded the Timber Frame Construction Prize 2017 on October 19, 2017 in Graz.

The Timber Frame Construction Prize honours the innovative, high-quality and future-oriented use of timber in buildings. The excellent performance yielded from the use of timber in construction should be promoted and popularized in wider society.

The judging panel selected nine winners from 152 submissions, across ten categories. The prizes were awarded based on the architecture, craftsmanship and innovative functionality of the construction.

The winning structures showcased the most compelling features of timber as a construction material: climate friendly, natural, simple to use and versatile.

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