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I am moving out of my accommodation. What do I have to do?

Time to say goodbye :( We are sad to see you are leaving. You will receive an email with check-out information shortly before the end of your booking period. For bookings in any of the OeAD-Guesthouses, please note that you will need to move out by 9am at the latest on the last working day. (end of your booking period) You must return the key to the key box of the respective OeAD-Guesthouse. If you are booked into a residence of any of our partners please get in touch with the residence manager.

Before you leave Austria, you have to de-register from your residence at the competent registration authority. More information about the registration offices can be found here.
Please fill out your personal details and the field "Abmeldung der Unterkunft in".
Upon receipt of the confirmation of the de-registration form from the registration authority, you have to upload it to our Self-Service Platform, as we need it for the deposit refund.

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