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Will I get my deposit back?

Your deposit will remain with OeAD student housing until the end of your booking period. The deposit is not automatically refunded to you.

In some residences the deposit minus the booking fee will be paid directly to the manager of your residence upon your arrival. In this case please contact the residence manager regarding the refund of your deposit. For further information please refer to the information sheet attached to the booking confirmation.

Please note that we need a confirmation of your de-registration from the accommodation in order to return the deposit. Please upload the confirmation to the Self-Service Platform.

EU-citizens with EURO-accounts:

The money transfer of the deposit is free of charge for EU-citizens  (within the European monetary Union)  when the IBAN and SWIFT-Code is entered. Therefore we kindly ask you to upload your bank details to the Self-Service Platform.

After the final room check the deposit (minus possible fees for damages and outstanding payments) can be transferred back to you. If all bank details have been entered correctly, the remaining  deposit amount will be transferred back to your account within a maximum of 6 weeks.

Citizens outside the European Union / EU-citizens without EURO-account:

The transfer of the deposit for non-EU-citizens is subject to fees. For this reason, non-EU-citizens may pick up their deposit (minus fees for possible damages and outstanding payments) via cashier's cheque from the office of the OeAD-Guesthouse or at the relevant OeAD student housing branch office at your place of study. The payment of the deposit can only be made after a room check is completed. Please be informed that damages cannot be calculated on the day of moving out. In the case of non-EU-citizens (EU-citizens outside the monetary Union), if a cashier’s cheque cannot be collected it will be necessary to send bank details via email or upload them to the online platform.

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