New set of cards - Money-Power-Climate

We are happy to announce that the AEMS set of cards "Money-Power-Climate" is now ready!

How are climate protection, money and power connected? What could a sustainable economy look like? What solutions are already out there?
These exciting - and definitely challenging - questions can now be explored in a playful way!

The set of cards contains 60 illustrated terms on different aspects of sustainable business: Each term is accompanied by questions or statements that aim to stimulate thought and discussion. The cards can be used to analyze and discuss different levels of action - systemic level, organizational level and individual choices. An accompanying leaflet includes ideas and patterns on how to use the tool - e.g. as an icebreaker in discussion groups, for a deeper examination of individual terms, or even to discover previously hidden connections between terms. The set also invites users to freely express their creativity and to discover their own forms of using it.

We are looking forward to using it in the future as an innovative teaching and learning tool at AEMS!

If you are interested in receiving a set, please get in touch with us:

"Money-Power-Climate" was developed in close collaboration with WEITSICHT | büro für zukunftsfähige wirtschaft as well as experts in the field of alternative economies and climate protection. It was designed and illustrated by Sibylle Exel Rauth.

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