AEMS 2023 - It's a wrap!

This year’s AEMS welcomed 48 students and professionals from 24 nations in Vienna to learn about the interconnections between our economy, society and money with the environment and climate (change). While the program encouraged a better understanding for some of the current global challenges, the focus was on showcasing alternative approaches and ideas for a more sustainable future. With this in mind, the summer university comprised a modular program of lectures, workshops, games and discussions.

The students got to know different economic concepts, such as the Economy for the Common Good, Degrowth, Circular Economy and Doughnut Economics, as well as the role of money and different approaches to finance, such as Modern Monetary Theory, Sovereign Money and complementary currencies.

Building from the knowledge gained, they also worked on their own group projects for systemic change and created a glossary of the most important phrases learned.

This year’s program highlights also include an optional sightseeing tour with the focus on social housing in Vienna, the “strategies of transition fair”, where students presented initiatives they are already part of, an excursion to IIASA and numerous social activities: sports evenings, the movie night with a screening of “2040” by Damon Gameau and a dinner at an Austrian “Heurigen”.

In collaboration with the Green.Building.Solutions. Summer University, AEMS also offered public events:

- The Grand Opening “A good life for all within the planetary boundaries” with welcoming words by Austrian Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen and speakers Renate Hammer, Helga Kromp-Kolb and Anika Dafert. Link to recording

- The panel discussion on “Sovereign money, CBDC and MMT” with speakers Helga Kromp-Kolb, Christian Felber, Brett Scott and Bernd Villhauer. Link to recording

AEMS closed on Friday, 4th August 2023, with the certificate ceremony. Thank you to all our students and team, and thank you to all our sponsors and supporters, for making this unique summer experience possible!

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