AEMS 2022 – It’s a wrap!

Over the past three weeks, 46 students and professionals from 24 nations and different walks of life learned about the interconnections between our economy, money and climate (change) – and most importantly: alternative approaches for a sustainable future!

Through a program of lectures, simulations, games and discussions, the students gained insights into alternative ideas for economy, such as the Economy for the Common Good and Degrowth, as well as topics related to money and finance, such as Modern Monetary Theory and complementary currencies. Keeping the “big picture” in mind, they understand the interlinkages between climate change, social tipping points and the role of politics and activism. Read more in the student's blog posts!

Highlights of the program include a Social Innovation Tour, where they visited local companies and organizations that are leading by example, the student’s group project presentations, as well as social activities: sports evenings, dinner at an Austrian “Heurigen” and a bike ride.

Together with the summer university Green.Building.Solutions. the AEMS also offered public events, such as the opening event “A good life for all within the planetary boundaries” with speakers Ernst Ulrich v. Weizsäcker, Helga Kromp-Kolb, Anika Dafert and Harald Frey, the screening of the movie “NOW” by Jim Rakete and a public panel discussion on the topic of “The monetary systems of the future” with speakers Richard Werner, Christian Kreiss, Lea Steininger and Yeva Nersisyan.

This year’s AEMS closed on Friday with the certificate ceremony. Thank you to all our students and team for a unique summer experience!

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