AEMS 2021 - Looking back

The online-AEMS 2021 welcomed 35 people from 22 nations, located in 10 different time zones! They learned about the flaws of our economic and financial systems and got to understand how they influence not only our daily lives, but also the environment and natural systems on a large scale. And – even more important – they heard about alternative approaches and left with new perspectives and a spark of inspiration.

The program was comprised of virtual live sessions with discussions, educational games and workshops, as well as self-study periods and online group projects. Each day concluded with a session for reflection, which enabled the students to place the individual sessions within the overall big picture of the AEMS program.

The opening event "Climate change - is there a new dynamic?" took place as a hybrid event in Vienna. You can watch the recording here.

Find some impressions below or check the final report to get more info on AEMS 2021!
More information is also available in the Press Kit.

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